At Southern Charm Pro Wash, we specialize in a range of high-quality cleaning services designed to transform your property. With our expert techniques and attention to detail, we use a combination of low and high pressure washing to clean surfaces.

Common Items We Clean:


Soft washing gently cleans siding materials such as vinyl, wood, and stucco. We meticulously wash off dirt, mildew, and grime, leaving your siding looking fresh and vibrant.


We ensure your exterior windows receive a thorough and safe cleaning. Our specialized techniques remove dirt, water stains, and smudges, providing you with clear and sparkling windows that enhance the overall aesthetics of your property.


Soft washing is the perfect solution for cleaning and revitalizing wood and composite decks. Our skilled team utilizes low-pressure water streams and effective cleaning solutions to remove dirt, mold, and algae. This rejuvenates your deck’s appearance and preserves its structural integrity.


Whether it’s a wooden fence or vinyl fencing, our soft washing service is designed to remove grime, mold, and weathering. We take care to gently clean them and help restore their beauty.

Patios and Walkways

High pressure washing is ideal for concrete, asphalt, and hardscape surfaces. Our process removes years of dirt causing discolorations. We make them look fresh and inviting.

Awning and Canopies

Our soft washing service ensures thorough cleaning of awnings and canopies, removing dirt, mold, and mildew. We pay special attention to delicate fabrics, using gentle techniques.

Outdoor Furniture

We clean outdoor furniture, including chairs, tables, and cushions. Dirt, pollen, and other debris are removed to allow you to enjoy clean and comfortable outdoor seating.


Exterior and interior gutter cleaning eliminates leaves, dirt, and debris to allow for free flow of rainwater. This helps to prevent potential damage to your property and maintains the integrity of your gutter system.

Play Structures

Play structures, such as swing sets and playhouses, are thoroughly cleaned to remove dirt, mold, and algae and provide a healthier environment for children.

Outdoor Statues and Ornaments

We help to restore the beauty of outdoor statues and ornaments by removing dirt, moss, and other buildup. Our gentle yet effective cleaning techniques ensure these decorative elements maintain their charm.

At Southern Charm Pro Wash, we offer comprehensive low and high pressure washing services that cater to various surfaces and structures. Our skilled technicians employ specialized equipment, eco-friendly cleaning solutions, and a meticulous approach to deliver exceptional results. Trust us to revitalize your property, leaving it clean, fresh, and aesthetically appealing. Feel free to contact us by phone or text at 717-440-5080 or email

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